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John & Thomas Boultbee

Stordon Grange.jpg

John Boultbee and his twin Thomas were born in 1753 at Stordon Grange, a moated country manor on the edge of Osgathorpe on what is now the B5324. Both John and Thomas were recognised painters. Thomas was a portrait artist and John, who was influenced by the work of George Stubbs, was a livestock and sporting artist whose work went on to gain the most respect within the art world

Stordon Grange

Favoured by a King Both John and Thomas Boultbee attended The Royal Academy in London in 1775 under the presidency of Sir Joshua Reynolds. They both exhibited at The Royal Academy in London in the late 1770’s and 1780’s. It was John Boultbee’s paintings that were held in higher regard, even being admired by King George III, who assigned John a residence in Windsor Great Park

Boultbee Painting Robert Bakewell.jpg

Robert Bakewell by John Boultbee

Boultbee Painting Livestock.jpg

Livestock Paintings John Boultbee’s paintings of livestock are recognised as examples of the pioneering ideas of Robert Bakewell (of Dishley, Loughborough), who was leading the development and improvement of livestock in the country. He completed many paintings of Bakewell himself and also of livestock, pigs, cows and sheep. Thomas passed away in 1808. His brother John died in Liverpool in 1812

The Durham Ox by John Boultbee

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