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Osgathorpe Old.JPG



John Speed 1610 Map.jpg

Extract from John Speed's 1610 Map of Leicestershire

John Cary (1754 – 1835) Map 

Emmanuel Bowens 1756 Map.jpg

Emmanuel Bowen’s County Map of 1756 shows Osgathorpe with added  comment “Here is a Hospital for 6 clergy men’s Widows”.

Extract from John Prior's 1777 Map of  Leicestershire which identifies a total of four lime kilns (represented by triangles) in the area of Ofgathorpe and Barrow Hill.

Charnwood Forest Canal map 1791_edited.j

Extract from 1791 Charnwood Forest Canal Map by the canal’s engineer Christopher Stavely. It depicts the canal as a dotted red-line coming from Nanpantan, and bypassing Osgathorpe to a branch at Junction House, marked A. This went up to a 130 yard long railway track which entered the quarry for the purpose of transhipping the coal and lime into and out of the lime barges. Note the canal feeder link from Black Brook Reservoir completed in 1796 to provide more water for the canal.

Extract from the 1835 first edition O/S Map

1881  surveyed (1883 issued) O/S Maps                                   

1882 Map_edited.jpg
1925 OS Map_edited.jpg

1925  O/S Map                                   

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