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Welcome to Osgathorpe Heritage


Osgathorpe is a small village which lies in a fold of the hills in North West Leicestershire, England, and is about a quarter of a mile from the A512 Ashby to Loughborough Road. Osgathorpe had only 8 households in 1086 and

the civil parish population at the 2021 census was 441. It was originally known as Asgotporp and was given as a settlement in the Domesday book. The name is thought to have derived from the old Danish male name Asgot and old Norse element porp (an outlying farm or settlement). It developed as an agricultural community with its own supporting village trades, schools and churches. 

This website provides a history of the Places, People and Industry that have shaped our village over the centuries. We would welcome contributions, comments and suggestions to enhance the information that we currently have.

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Other Items Of Interest

Here you will find other interesting articles about Osgathorpe's past

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Heritage Trail

Discover the location of historical sites around the village

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Photo Gallery

A collection of photographs reflecting the changing nature of our village over the years

What's New


An interview with Osgathorpe residents Don and Wynn King

Don King


Population statistics for Osgathorpe Parish 2001-2021 following the 2021 Census

2021 Census 

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Background information on the industry and the quarry at Barrow Hill

Limestone Industry

Samuel T Stewart

Samuel T Stewart is a local historian and author and has written over 200 articles on the history of villages in NW Leicestershire. We are extremely grateful to the author for permitting us to use and access information from his publications. To find out more you can visit his website

or for a selection of Osgathorpe related documents 

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About Us

The Osgathorpe Heritage Group was established in 2022. We are a not for profit voluntary group and formed in order to:

'Research, record and document items of local interest relating to Osgathorpe and its local area. This information is to be made available to anyone who has an interest in the subject. Resources gathered are to be used for education and information.


The focus will be to build on established documented history but also to research and record untold stories in the life of local people, places and occupations’.


Martin Buczkiewicz, Chair

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